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Additional Profile Fields

Staffing Shark gives you the ability to customize your staff profiles any way you want. By adding additional profile fields, you are able to document information about employees pertinent to your organization. You also control where this information is displayed.

Attendance Letters

When employees need to be notified about attendance problems, Staffing Shark can customize a form letter. By devising a generic letter with placeholders for an employee’s name, attendance history, etc., Staffing Shark can replace these fields with actual values and save them in the employee’s profile.

Job Classifications

Whether you prefer “Food Production Worker” or “FPW,” Staffing Shark allows you to create as many job classifications that your organization needs. Job Classifications can also be color-coded to group similiar jobs in a color family for quick identification.


In a campus setting, employees will be spread out across various locations. And sometimes you may want to specify a sublocation to better identify where an employee will be working. Staffing Shark gives you the ability to create a parent-child hierarchy to better emulate your physical setup.

Shift Differentials

Better account for the increase in the cost of labor with shift differentials. Staffing Shark allows you to customize windows of time and hourly wage increases to improve your accounting. Additionally, you can set a qualifying hour threshold so that the wage increase is awarded only if a shift meets a certain number of hours in the window.

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