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User Permissions

Staffing Shark allows you to create user accounts with varying user roles and permissions. The user roles include: Employee, Scheduler, Supervisor, Manager and Administrator.

Each user role has different capabilities to safeguard your information and to control your prevent unauthorized changes by members of your team.

Employee Management

Most managers and supervisors oversee only one or two locations. Staffing Shark gives these users the ability to focus only on the employees, schedules, and notifications pertinent to the locations they are in charge of.

Bulk User Creation

While your management team’s profiles can be generated ad hoc, the time will come when your employees’ profiles are all configured and you are ready to grant them access to the system.

This is where the Bulk User Generator becomes extremely helpful. Staffing Shark will automatically create a user account for staff profiles, randomly generating a password and sending a welcome email notification.

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