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Staff Overview

All staff members are grouped alphabetically, but can be filtered based on job classification, location, first letter of last name, currently employed/terminated or by a custom search term.

The overview screen provides quick access to a staff member’s photo along with home phone, cell phone, and two email addresses.

Staff Profile

The staff profile screen shows a quick overview of the most relevant information:



Phone Numbers


Hire Dates

Emergency Contacts

Job Classification


Preferred Name

Preferred Pronoun

Custom fields added to profiles can be shown anywhere on the profile overview page.

Each profile can have up to five tabs: Schedule, Attendance, FMLA (if qualified), Letters, and Discipline. Beginning with the Schedule tab, both managers and the employee can quickly see when the employee is scheduled to work. The schedule can be show as a list or calendar.

Staff Attendance

Attendance is tracked on a unit or credit system. When an infraction occurs, management documents the occurrence with a whole number or fractional value on a specific date (or range of dates) with an optional explanation.

Absences, tardies and qualifying FMLA occurrences are all tracked where both management and the employee can view them. A ring chart is provided to understand how many infractions have occurred and how many units/credits the employee has remaining.

You have control over how attendance units are allocated. Give all employees the same number of units; award units based on employment tenure; or grant units on an individual basis. You can also control when the units reset: all employees on the same day; specific employees on a specific day; with a rolling window of time (i.e., 30 days, 6 months, 1 year).

Attendance Letters

Per your policy or union contract, employees may be entitled to a letter when their attendance records show their using a specific number of units. Staffing Shark can detect when an employee’s attendance crosses a specified threshold and then automatically generate a letter to keep on file with the employee.

These letters can be personalized with the employee’s name, attendance history and a variety of other identifying information. Plus, Staffing Shark has the ability to notify the employee’s manager and the employee to ask for signatures of acknowledgement and track various other responses.


Staffing Shark accommodates FMLA-qualified employees. When a staff member has his or her FMLA designation set to ‘yes,’ an FMLA tab appears on the profile screen along with an FMLA section under absences.

The FMLA tab allows management to note the qualifying dates and exceptions plus treat FMLA-related absences different than regular absences so they won’t count against the employee.


Staffing Shark offers a section for disciplinary action. Your entries can consist of notes or uploads. Each entry allows for public comments that everyone can view and for private comments that only management has access to. Additionally each entry can also be suppressed from employee view so that it can serve as administrative documentation.

Employee Availability

Whether it is attending a class, caring for a child or relative, or a second job, employees inevitably will have standing scheduling conflicts you will want to take into account. The Availability section allows employees to set when they are available for work so that managers can schedule them accordingly.

And when off-season or special times of the year come about, the Alternate Availability section can come into play so that the regular Availability times are not affected. You can schedule when Alternate Availability begins and ends.

Attendance in Bulk

Staffing Shark keeps in mind that you may need to view information from a different perspective. That’s why the attendance overview section presents attendance in a monthly view to see all employees on a given day. Clicking any name takes you directly to that employee’s profile.

To help reduce the burden of recording attendance for dozens of employees, Staffing Shark provides a bulk recording tool to help speed things up. By selecting a specific day and multiple employees, Staffing Shark can generate an attendance record for each staff member you specified.

Report Center

Whether it is generating a simple list of birthdays or a complex list of employees by job classification by seniority, Staffing Shark offers the ability to tailor lists of names through the Report Center.

Organize your data in the format you want it in. And then if you like, save the report’s customization so you can generate it again later. One of Staffing Shark’s main goals is to save you time by eliminating repetitive tasks.

Rate of Pay Adjustments

When it’s time to give staff members a raise, when exactly should you change their rate so that schedule costing is accurately represented? Staffing Shark takes care of this by allowing you to schedule a rate of pay adjustment (to a specific rate or an increase/decrease of a specific amount) on a specific date. All shifts before that date will use the rate of file; shifts on and after that date will use the new rate. Problem solved.

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